As a first-time user, I was really excited to take part in my Time Capsule video
I’m at a bit of a transition period of my life and 2020 has been an absolutely wild year. I’m 36 weeks pregnant – so about to have my first baby and there will certainly be lots of changes coming. I wanted to record the video to capture how I’m feeling at the moment – not just all the excitement, joy and anticipation, but also some of the worries and anxieties I’ve got about coming into this new stage of life. I wanted this to be something I could reflect on and to measure my growth. I decided to lock my video for 5 years which feels like a pretty long period. The thinking here was that because I’m in this period of transition – in five years my family, living and work life will definitely look very different. I wanted to capture the moment before much of this change takes place. It felt good to openly talk about my emotions – without fear of judgement or expectation. I tried my best to leave the ego behind and be as real, raw and honest as I could – after all the video is just for me. I’ve also had pretty considerable anxiety in the past which I’ve been working on, so it was a good opportunity to openly talk about that and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to reflect on it in a few years to come and see that I’ve made some progress in managing it. One of the things that really stood out to me as I was doing the video was that quite a few of my answers came back to a real desire for the simpler things in life – specifically to be happy and feel a sense of joy and to be surrounded by love. It became clear throughout the process that those are the things which are obviously really important to me and grounding and should be the basis of everything I do.
I’m hoping it can be a really useful way to measure some progress in relation to my mental health. I’m also really excited to watch it in five years’ time with my soon-to-be-born son – so he can see what I was feeling and thinking while he was in the womb and as I was preparing for him to enter the world! I thought the whole process was easy to navigate and the interface worked well. I definitely appreciated having the questions to guide what I was talking about. I plan to update these videos (at least every 12 months) and answer the same questions – I think that would be really great to see some progress or changes over the 5-year period that the video is locked. I’ve already recommended it to a few! I think it would definitely have particular strengths depending on the specific reason you’re using it (i.e. in recovery, work development etc.)

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