I thought it would be good participate in this time capsule project to have something to look back on and see how far I have come in 2 years’ time. Yesterday I got to sat down and watch my video it was so nice to see my progress and personal growth, I look so different. I think this kind of thing would benefit everyone, maybe people trying to better their life in all different ways or people going through hard times such as me. I didn’t have any concerns, I chose to do it because I am always growing and improving as a human being and would be good to see what else I need to work on down the track. I was surprised to see how much things have changed and even though I was a little disappointed that some issues were still the same the thing that inspired me more than anything was the last question asking if there was anything I would like to say to my future self. I am not one to get teary but when I heard that guy 2 years ago talking to me now and wishing me a good life and happiness it bought a tear to my eye. This really made my day and I will never forget it.

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