The Lesser-Known Secret To Successful Transformation and Change

Do you know what was most distinguishable in my personal experiences as well as when I was working at Glebe House helping out my clients in recovery?1️⃣ People can be so angry, mopey, sad, and self-destructive sometimes.2️⃣ It takes such a long time fo..


Record Precious Family Moments

There is no greater joy than having a child. You are so full of emotions and feelings, it’s overwhelming. Imagine you were able to record that feeling, and show it to your child when they hit a milestone birthday. Or maybe when they graduate school. Or what about if…


Motivate Through A Personal Journey

I don’t know about you, but I’ve stopped and started my fitness journey so many times. I’m usually fine when I first start, but then I’ll skip a session or two, which demotivates me, then I skip a session or two, which demotivates me, then I skip more and more until I am no longer going…


My Inspiration To Create Encapsulator

4 years ago, I reached a huge milestone in my life. On the 15/9/2014 I was 5 years Sober. A place I wasn’t sure I could reach. An important process throughout the recovery journey is to acknowledge milestones and 5years was, and is, massive. One day at a time, with a great support…


Recording a Video to Your Future Self

When I first came up with the idea of a digital time capsule, I was eager to try and record a video as a test. I had no idea what it would be like. Its funny, because the first thing I realised when I began recording was just how weird and | unnatural it was. It was so unlike anything…