The Lesser-Known Secret To Successful Transformation and Change

Do you know what was most distinguishable in my personal experiences as well as when I was working at Glebe House helping out my clients in recovery?1️⃣ People can be so angry, mopey, sad, and self-destructive sometimes.2️⃣ It takes such a long time fo..



As the world grinds to a halt, how will you Document History? Create history today with an encapsulator Digital Time Capsule. In these unprecedented times, humankind is witnessing many things for the first time. New phrases terminologies are being coined such as self-isolating,..


Therapeutic Technology

Encapsulator is a new age therapeutic practice tool operating on a private media platform. By taking an old ideal and combining it with CBT based practices we have brought into the 21st century a digital time capsule proven to build stronger therapeutic practice…


Personal Training Motivation Tool

Digital time capsules Helping you retain clients, motivate their butts and get better results. Is this you right now? ✅ You feel constantly frustrated at your clients’ lack of commitment to their fitness goals? ✅ You’re tired of spouting the same motivational speeches that…


How To Practice Self-Care

Most people are able to show kindness, love, support and compassion for those close to them even strangers. Yet struggle to show the same care for themselves When was the last time you practiced selfcare? Everyone knows the value of a handwritten note to your future self…


How To Find Happiness!

When we are able to take responsibility for our life, it is then we become truely happy. As the inspirational Tony Robbins has repeatedly said. When we can understand how to make pain our friend.Ultimately realising that it is more painful to remain the same. Than it is to change…


How To Increase Personal Development By 70%

🚀🔥How to increase personal development by 70% 🔥🚀 Accountability… Many people think accountability is only for when you are trying to achieve goals. This is a common misconception, accountability is for when people…


A Personal Challenge!

I deal with people going through a journey of some kind. Often they’re getting past an  addiction. Sometimes they’re just trying to improve their lives with a new (good) habit. But all of them hit the same block that stops them progressing: motivation. I mean, sure, when…


How & Why Encapsulator Worked For Me

Living such a busy life a wife and 3 kids, then becoming involved in a business that is about selfcare, support and understand who you are and what you value. I found myself missing the point, unable to see the forest for the trees…


Glebe House Annual Report

Below is an excerpt of the 2017-18 Glebe House annual report. The report outlines the wonderful ability that the Encapsulator platform has and the impressive use of technology in the AOD sector. Providing a great opportunity to document, track and reflect on their life…


Prompt Questions

When recording your Time Capsule Video be sure to say the questions out loud, as you will want to know later when you open the capsule exactly what you are discussing. Also feel free to pick and choose or remove questions that are not applicable. The following list list of questions will…