Encapsulator is an innovative recovery tool created by a recovering addict, for other addicts. Encapsulator’s creator has himself accrued over a decade of recovery. He is employed in the rehabilitation field as a professional and is personally dedicated to the concept of helping others to successfully access recovery, and turn their lives around.

Encapsulator’s mission is stated as: “To help keep individuals accountable so they can break free of destructive life patterns and achieve their full potential.”

It sounds so simple,

Encapsulator allows the clients to set personal goals, they are invited to identify potential barriers or obstacles to achieving these goals and this helps clients to overcome them.

Getting started with Encapsulator is simple:

❇️ Download, or access, google chrome.

❇️ Open your Encapsulator account.

❇️ Select record and make your first video.

❇️ Nominate a period of time to lock it away.

❇️ Record, lock, document and reflect along your journey.

Our Core Team

Encapsulator is a new age therapeutic practice tool operating on a private media platform. By taking an old ideal and combining it with CBT based practices we have brought into the 21st century a digital time capsule proven to build stronger therapeutic practice, client rapport, & strength based client development. Clients are supported in a safe and private space to record a personal video message, identifying goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, and relevant, whilst also being time based by being set at a future time of their choosing that is achievable for them as an individual.

Danny Shannon


Danny has always treasured memories and is always looking for new ways to cheer up people’s lives. Danny is the Founder of Encapsulator. Danny is also a recovering addict who has not had a drink or a drug since the 15th of September 2009. He is raising awareness through his personal stories about addiction and empowering and educating others about the emotional and social impacts of addiction Encapsulator was conceived in 2014 when Danny sat there in his office on a massive milestone reflecting on his journey. He thought to himself? “I wonder what I was like back then when I entered recovery? What was I thinking? How was I feeling? “ it then it stuck him, I should record a message to my future self, he did a little research on some questions that could be answered in a time capsule and began the first Time capsule message. Encapsulator was Born!

Dean M Lloyd

General Manager​

Deans unique skills come as a result of his lived experience, academic qualifications and vocational experience. Dean has demonstrated an ability to provide insight into complex systemic problems, present alternative solutions and outcomes. Dean is a critical thinker, not afraid to make decisions, with the big picture in mind. His open mind and forward thinking are a great fit in such a fast moving environment. Dean is excited about Encapsulator and its unlimited potential applications. Using Encapsulator’s technology to improve connection and the benefits this will have on society.

Bikash Shah

Chief Product Manager/Developer

Bikash drives Encapsulator’s product development roadmap and has over 16 years experience working on product analysis, development and delivery. He is our project lead and developer who has demonstrated capability in building and leading large software projects across a multitude of fields and software stacks. With a good track record of leading teams and working within all aspects of software development, Bikash has experience in software development in a range of corporate environments in Australia and internationally. He currently also works at Inventive Software, a Sydney based company that develops highly secure custom software for their clients.